DVNK Collective is a brand originally designed for us to be able to give back to our community. 
Currently, there are 2.1 million people left with no drinking water and more than twice that amount has no sanitation. 
We have been committed to making environmentally conscious impacts and are doing so by supporting global sustainability through Water For People. 
When purchasing one of our products, you are also helping provide clean water to communities worldwide. 
Thank you, in helping us make the world a better place and our vision come true. 
SDG6 Townhall Update 
DVNK took part in the SDG6 Town Hall with Water For People. The United Nations has put together a list of Sustainable Development Goals to conduct globally and # 6 is dedicated solely to Sustainable Water Management. When the UN distributed this agenda, goal # 6 fit perfectly with work Water For People has been involved in for years. Through their Everyone Forever model, Water For People has been providing access to long term infrastructure in under developed countries as well as education to assist in maintaining the infrastructure. This infrastructure positively impacts entire communities, schools and education systems. As a proud partner, we have provided a series of links below to navigate you through how to help. 
Link to The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:
Link to World Water Classic (6km/60km ride/walk/run hosted in your local community between Friday October 2nd and Sunday October 11th):
Donate to Water For People:
Donate to Water For People (Canada):